Letters to the Editor

Ford letter: Repeal ACA mandate

Network news is full of misrepresentation. Recently, Channel 2 reported, “… the mandate (in “ACA”) … was put in place to encourage young, healthy people to buy insurance … .” Since when is coercion from the “IRS” “encouragement”? It’s force. Coincidentally, when looking up the definition of coercion, a recent example was given from the web, a Wall Street Journal article citing the “… mandate penalty for not buying insurance.”

We, Americans ought not to stand for it. Our country was founded for the purpose of citizens having the right to choose their own way of life; what to buy or not, where to go, what job to take …; unique in world history.

Our Congress has failed to repeal the coercion that they promised to repeal. We, citizens ought to be all over them like white on rice to get the job done and get the “IRS” off our back.

Sheila Ford, Caldwell