Letters to the Editor

Buhler letter: Reclassifying cannabis

Cannabis is classified by the DEA as a schedule one drug, which posits that it has no current medical use with a high risk of abuse, yet no research to validate its classification. Rescheduling cannabis to a class four drug would allow for research that is needed to properly schedule the drug. This is not a ploy for legalization of marijuana, this is a plea for research. The war on drugs, during the Nixon administration, left cannabis being lumped in with other class one drugs like heroin. The only research into the effects of cannabis came by way of gas-masking monkeys and depriving oxygen to their brains. This led to the notion that cannabis kills brain cells. As a country, we’ve come a long way since then; it’s time to be sensible and communicate our science efficiently. Especially in a time where legalization may be around the corner for most states. Rescheduling cannabis, to allow research, is a sensible way of truly understanding, bad or good, the effects of cannabis and where it stands as a controlled substance. I ask readers to reach out to your elected officials and ask for sensible classification backed by research, not misconception.

Jesse Buhler, Meridian