Letters to the Editor

Caufield letter: Don’t donate junk

Please feel free to take my opinion … or leave it. The other day, as I drove into my local gas station’s parking lot, I noticed one of those donation drop-offs that are spread around the Treasure Valley. Though I have never left donations, I know they are meant for clothing and small items which can fit inside. As I got closer, the area surrounding this little donation center was filthy. Someone had thrown pure junk all over the parking lot near this donation drop-off site. There were old mattresses, swimming pools, kids’ toys, bags full of “blank” and I thought to myself how sad it is that common sense is seemingly being thrown to the wayside more and more with each passing day. I wonder if the individuals exhibiting this pure lack of respect realize that the employees of the areas where the donation sites sit must go out and pick up all your trash. I find it hard to imagine that this is in their job description. This is but one example that makes me wonder what goes through the minds of these people. Let’s try to help our community look cleanlier, in several ways.

Kelly Caufield, Nampa