Letters to the Editor

Basinger letter: Changing climate

Safeguarding Idaho’s Economy in a Changing Climate brought together many local business leaders and natural resource managers. They understand that climate change is already affecting Idahoans and are taking action now. To stay competitive, businesses must invest in energy efficiency and lower fossil fuel use. Resource managers are planning for variable water supply and longer, hotter summers. It’s a strange contrast from the message coming from our state government, where the majority party treats climate change as a non-issue. My hope, as a volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby advocating for a non-partisan solution to climate change, is that events like this will change the conversation in Idaho. We will see the opportunities that are the flip side of the very real challenges.

If you are convinced that this is an insignificant problem, hyped up for liberal political advantage, go to idahoclimatesummit.com and see if your perspective changes. If you think you are part of a small minority in Idaho that cares about climate change, do the same thing. Yes, we need discussions about policy options, but there is no partisan divide over the fact that we all share a dependence on Idaho’s natural resources that provide the basis for our lifestyle.

Nancy Basinger, Boise