Letters to the Editor

Woodburn letter: Surgeon choice

As a person who is humbled by God every day, I was fascinated with the Nov. 16 paper. The Depth article about actually listening to people to understand what is really happening in their life was amazing. So often we mask our own true pain by fighting social issues we will never personally endure or attempting to convince others to support political candidates that we chose. What truly matters? How about supporting others with what they are struggling with … in their own life. Then, the front page story. I am blown away that a hospital would ask for public input on what types of surgeries it performs. The physician’s family had a “ride into the sunset plan” which was destroyed as he tried to control another human’s incredibly painful life choice that was grappled with from a very young age. How about a sunset that involves more listening, less judging — more compassion, less righteousness — more heeding “who are you to judge your neighbor,” rather than correcting others who for a lifetime have faced a struggle that you have been extremely blessed not to endure. Please focus your attention on loving your nine children. Only God knows what challenges they each will face in this lifetime.

Shannon Woodburn, Eagle