Letters to the Editor

Walker letter: City Council

Throughout the campaign for the Boise City Council, most candidates spoke to the importance of affordable housing near the downtown core. Now, the new council members have the opportunity and duty to put their words into action. CVS Pharmacy is proposing to demolish over 20 affordable residential units in order to construct an ugly box store and to pave nearly an entire block at 17th and State streets. This project needs to be rejected for numerous reasons, primarily that it will be a new and permanent blight to State Street. It will demolish affordable housing and structures that have historical value. Boise does not need another box store and a large, paved parking lot downtown at the expense of affordable housing, good planning and development. When this matter is appealed to the city council, do the right thing and turn down this application. The city council has no legal obligation to approve the conditional use permit or the variance requested.

Frank Walker, Boise