Letters to the Editor

Tuttle letter: BSU football

If you are a Boise State football fan, it was a disappointing start of the season after a complete meltdown against Washington State on the road and then a humiliating loss to Virginia at home. The offensive line was anemic, the running backs couldn’t gain yardage, and Brett Rypien was completely out of sync. Credit the Boise State coaching staff for the incredible turnaround and the seven-game winning streak. The BSU players, during that stretch, executed the game plan to a perfection. To the naysayers who earlier were calling for the firing of Coach Harsin and the benching of Brett Rypien to satisfy some instant gratification, patience can sometimes be a virtue. The 87-yard touchdown pass from Rypien to Richardson in the Air Force game was reminiscent of past explosive BSU teams lead by Ryan Dinwiddie and Kellen Moore. Depending on how the remaining games turn out, there could be some discussion for Bryan Harsin as “coach of the year” in the Mountain West Conference and Brett Rypien as MVP.

Orrin Tuttle, Boise