Letters to the Editor

Weston letter: Downtown stadium

I oppose the downtown baseball stadium advocated in the Oct. 22 Statesman article. My husband and I moved to Boise from Dallas, Texas in 1950. I recall watching a baseball game at a stadium on Walnut Street (vicinity of the now Municipal Park). That baseball park did not survive, nor did a 1903 downtown baseball stadium. So now we are considering constructing another downtown baseball stadium that will be a much bigger deal. In the article, Boise was compared to Fort Wayne, Ind.: “The stadium transformed downtown, which was a rundown, crime-ridden area. Before the stadium was here, people were afraid to go downtown.”

This hardly relates to downtown Boise. The proposed stadium will create more noise pollution, more light pollution, more air pollution and certainly more traffic jamming the downtown area. Adding F-35 aircraft to Gowen Field will additionally increase noise and air pollution. Boise already suffers from winter inversions that smother the whole valley. After nearly seven decades, I still love this valley. My kids were born and went to school here. The proposed stadium will make our city a less desirable place to live. And even now, we can no longer see the stars in the night sky.

Betty Weston, Boise