Letters to the Editor

Taylor letter: Downtown stadium

I am a very lucky to be a spry and active 77-year-old. But it appears that downtown Boise (DTB) is not senior friendly. DTB is turning into a navigational nightmare for impaired people. Our last three “night-out” ventures (with impaired guests) resulted in a frustrating search for handicapped parking and citations for the desperate use of illegal spacing. Boise needs a lot more respect for its seniors. Adding in this “pipe dream” stadium is to enter into “overkill” territory.

Let’s put that venture into a short hold and allow me to put forth an alternate idea. How about taking a look at the fairground and unused horse racing track area of Garden City?

I am volunteering to sit down with members of the stadium committee and run a bunch of (out of the box) ideas for consideration. I think seniors outnumber youngsters and can be a more viable economic force for Boise’s vitality, but they need more inclusion. Less can be more and more can be less.

Robert A. Taylor, Garden City