Letters to the Editor

Kidd letter: Republicans

One thing that somewhat irritates me during the summer months is the little gnats. These small insects always buzz around the head as one can hear them but difficult to see. They are annoying irritants. The same little pesky insects we see in D.C. are the establishment Republicans whom I will call, the “Mc-important irritants.” We have McCain “the Democrat version of I think I am important to them” irritant. We have McConnell, “nothing important ever gets done,” irritant. We have McFlake, “rather flaky as unimportant” irritant. We have McRomney, “Mr. Teflon who thinks he is important” irritant. We have McKasich, “nothing to say that is important” irritant and then we have McCorker, “who so desperately wants to be important to somebody” irritant. The commonalities with these irritants are: 1) They all think they are important; 2) They all hope they are important to someone and at times actually believe they are important. So how does one rid itself of these irritants? Orkin may be able to assist us with a good dose of “voting them out.” They are some of the establishment Republicans — that I call, gnats.

Galen Kidd, Boise