Letters to the Editor

Skeem letter: Voter records

When I first read in July that the Trump administration was requesting every voter’s information for a “Voter Fraud Program” headed by Kris Kobach, who is known for voter suppression, I contacted our Secretary of State’s Office and demanded he not give my voter information, birth date and last four digits of my Social Security number. I was told by the Board of Elections in Mr. Denney’s office that he was reviewing the request with Attorney General Wasden and had not provided any information at that time. I decided to remove myself from the voter rolls anyway.

I was outraged to read that Mr. Denney had already sent my personal and voter information last February. He and his office not only lied to me, but to every Idaho voter. Now he says he is going to review the program. It is too late for that.

How can we trust what he and his office tell us? Where are our Republican leaders? Are they so used to the president lying daily that lying by any other politician is no big deal? How can any citizen trust Idaho’s current secretary of state again? Mr. Denney needs to first apologize, and then resign.

Jill Skeem, Kimberly