Letters to the Editor

Schroeder letter: CHIP

When my son was born in 2007 with cystic fibrosis, our family depended on Idaho’s version of CHIP.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides health care coverage for low-income children and pregnant women. Congress has failed to fund the program — and states are rapidly running out of funds for children in need. Providing health care for children that cannot afford it seems to be a complete no-brainer — an investment in our most vulnerable, innocent citizens. There has always been bipartisan support for this bill — but in an act of complete ineptitude, our GOP Congress has let the deadline to fund this program lapse, and funds will soon be exhausted. Families of children with special health care needs in Idaho do not care if this is an election cycle. This failure flies in the face of the “Pro-Life” stance spouted by each and every Idaho lawmaker. One simply cannot claim to be pro-life while, simultaneously, eliminating the ability to properly care for children after birth.

As a nation and state, we can do better than allowing children and pregnant women to be a casualty of revenge driven politics. Please contact your lawmakers and tell them to restore funding for this program immediately.

Brock Schroeder, Coeur d’Alene