Letters to the Editor

Nieto letter: Election

Elections held on Nov. 7 were a disgrace for many reasons.

Some Idahoans recklessly voted to approve levies, which in turn will increase taxes. Did they even understand what they were voting for?

Voter apathy in many counties was also a disgrace. Voting is your chance to have a say in what occurs within your cities, and yet many Idahoans didn’t care enough to do their civic duty and vote. When your taxes increase and the officials elected by others disappoint or anger you, you cannot complain because you were not part of the election process.

The biggest disgrace on Nov. 7 was the election of candidates who support high-density building in many Idaho cities, namely Star and Meridian. Builders supported many council seat and mayoral candidates in these cities and ensured these candidates would win, through deep pocket campaigns and other means. Sadly the Treasure Valley is becoming like other states. We are losing our uniqueness to out-of-control building with no plans for infrastructure to accommodate that growth. More crime, more traffic, higher taxes. Is that the life you want? Apparently it is for some Idahoan voters.

Susan Nieto, Star