Letters to the Editor

Fritsch letter: BSU football

A retired Air Force friend, who flew over 200 combat missions in Vietnam, asked me to get a couple of tickets for the game. I was looking at sections 7, 8, and 9, and when I mentioned my friend was an Air Force Academy graduate, the polite student behind the counter said maybe he’d like to sit in the visitors section. Then she showed me the visitors section and I was stunned, disgusted, angry and embarrassed. Our Air Force visitors were assigned to half of section 10, all of 11 and the high school bleachers 12 thru 15. Look at the seating graphic on the BSU website and tell me if you find any seats worse than what was allotted to the Air Force Academy. You can’t. The stadium sits 37,000 and both season and day ticket sales are lagging, so one can deduce that there were plenty of empty seats available for a late November game. The only phrase that comes to mind is “bush league.” Why in the world can’t BSU show some class and provide better seats for a special visiting team? As for me, I joined my friend with the visitors and didn’t hesitate to apologize for their treatment.

Bob Fritsch, Boise