Letters to the Editor

Farley letter: Do research

Having read both Lynne Mattison’s letter to the editor and Rod Wallace’s letter taking issue with the former, I am now compelled to respond to Mr. Wallace. He is either very closed-minded or a bit ignorant, and I cast that dispersion in a kind way. All of us are ignorant in some way. But ignorance can be cured with a bit of open-minded research and learning about the subject. I have no opinion regarding Ms. Mattison or Hillary or the right or left, but President Obama did not create the $20 trillion national debt of which Mr. Wallace speaks. Mr. Bush’s tax cut coupled with starting three wars thrust the United States into debt. The current Korean debacle is far more complex than just blaming previous administrations. It’s just that we can’t afford to be war hawks to solve it. Mr. Wallace can’t deny that during the Obama administration the low unemployment rate, the rising Dow, the low interest rates and many other social measures weren’t in the best interests of our citizens. We need to look for more truth to our issues or we are indeed doomed to failure.

Tom Farley, Star