Letters to the Editor

Schooley letter: GOP hypocrisy

I would like to respond to Dano Savino’s latest diatribe. For one thing, neither major political party has sole ownership of people who have unacceptable sexual behavior. Mr. Trump has shown his feelings about women on numerous occasions, and then we have wide-stance Larry. How about the state legislator who just resigned? I could go on, but what’s the point when Republicans deny, deny, deny, then when confronted with the truth, start the excuses. Perhaps the fact that the evil and vile liberals have stood up and said, no more. They have said that this is not going to continue, and the people responsible will no longer be allowed to work in this trade. Now, this is a trade that deals in fantasy. They make movies. Their product is not real. Now the Republicans are people that make laws, and are supposed to guide our state and nation. When will you say enough is enough? Oh, I forgot, it’s OK if you’re GOP. The pot calling the kettle black; do as I say, not as I do.

Paul Schooley, Boise