Letters to the Editor

Sanderson letter: Boise development

The Nov. 9 article regarding F-35s and proposed stadium possibly causing voter dissatisfaction and having an impact on the City Council elections reminds me of this year’s series of ACHD meetings regarding changing 5th and 6th streets from one way to two way. Three meetings were held. Survey results showed that 65 percent of property owners along those streets favored leaving them as is. After deciding twice to leave as is, ACHD commissioners were lobbied by City Hall and downtown developers. The result? A motion to make the change died for want of a second. An alternate motion to change the streets from one way to two way, from Myrtle to Jefferson, was passed by a 3-to-2 vote. Commissioners Rebecca Arnold and Sara Baker chastised the three other commissioners for “ignoring the wishes of 65 percent of their constituents” but were outvoted. Hmmm, no need to wonder who matters to City Hall. Certainly not the citizens. I do wonder what this change is going to cost us taxpayers?

Steven Sanderson, Boise