Letters to the Editor

McGinnis letter: F-35 mission

A primary concern of the F-35 fighter jet being based in Boise has been that of noise. I would like the good people of our community to also consider another factor. The F-35 program’s cost is about $406 billion. Paid for by you and me. The planes costs $95-122 million each. The aircraft is not built for the defense of the United States. It is built for air-to-ground strikes and would be used primarily in our ongoing and future overseas wars. The military already has a stealth fighter for air-to-air combat in the very, very unlikely event of an attack on our country by another nation’s air force. If the F-35s come to Boise and you hear one roaring over our beautiful city, think of the $406 billion and the $100 million in that one plane. Think about how that money, your taxes, could have been used to educate our citizens, to care for our neediest, to prepare for changes in our climate — that is the real defense of our nation.

Mark W. McGinnis, Boise