Letters to the Editor

Cravens letter: Boise stadium

I am writing about the Guest Opinion in Sunday, Nov. 12, by both Bill Connors, Boise Metro Chamber CEO, and Bill Taylor, business owner. It seems their comments do not really consider other options for a better location for the proposed downtown stadium. The impact that this stadium would have on the site can only prove to be obtrusive. The financing is a huge concern. Special interests here? A few weeks ago another reader submitted a comment about putting the new stadium at the racetrack location in Garden City. This location already has parking available and is presently not being used by the county. Even though the racetrack isn’t downtown Boise, visitors can find it with ease, as well as adequate parking. These “businessmen” may have their own agenda for the proposed stadium. Think of the people living around the proposed site; it’s already a parking nightmare all over downtown Boise, and all the new construction of hotels (some of which don’t have adequate parking either). Just saying.

Barbara Cravens, Boise