Letters to the Editor

Christiano letter: Tax bill

Let’s face it, the tax “reform” plans now being considered by Congress are a confusing mess that most of us are unlikely to benefit from. Here is my proposal for real tax reform: replacing the income, death and capital gains taxes completely with a simple consumption tax. Consumption taxes have many benefits. First, they are fair and blind. Evading, avoiding or being excused from taxation would be far more difficult under a consumption tax than under the current Byzantine system. Second, consumption taxes don’t punish hard work, good decisions, industry and thrift. These are the foundations of a strong, prosperous and resilient society. Third, consumption taxes would allow we, the citizens, to take back a significant portion of power over our own lives by seeing exactly how much tax we pay and adjusting our tax burdens through making decisions about our consumption habits. Fourth, consumption taxes would reduce the size and cost of government, by eliminating the need for the vast bureaucracies that currently handle income and business taxes. Last, consumption taxes would put earners in charge of charity, instead of allowing the state to compel redistribution according to the morals and dictates of the few who “know best.”

Jennifer Christiano, Boise