Letters to the Editor

Goyden letter: Mayor Bieter

Regarding Mayor Bieter’s State of the City address: What I took from it was that Boiseans should go big in their thinking for the future of this city. Well OK, but why? What is the rationale for this hell-bent-for-leather approach to growth, and big growth at that? Is it always good? Should Boise be just like other large cities? Is not one of the very important livability aspects of our town is its size. It seems that Mayor Bieter has visions for Boise that may not take into consideration the adverse implications to many of the current citizens. I see that we are going to continue to grow and that our capital improvements should reflect such a consideration. But equal consideration should be given, and accepted, to what detrimental effect the big ideas might have. Here I am thinking of three of Bieter’s most fervently promoted projects: the stadium, the F-35s and his perennial dream, the trolley. There are equally good reasons why these may not be good for the people who have elected him over the years. Maybe he should try for being the mayor at Portland or Seattle.

Robert Goyden, Boise