Letters to the Editor

Fichman letter: Downtown stadium

Memorial Stadium is old and needs a major facelift but it does not have to be replaced by a new ball park in a new location.

There is mention of a professional soccer team and in a new stadium. Who will own the soccer team? Will it play in the summer? If it does and the Hawks are also using the stadium, will the field require turf? Will the major league baseball affiliate want its players to play on turf?

During the past three seasons, the Boise Hawks’ average attendance was 3,061. A report commissioned by the City of Boise “anticipates average crowds of 2,850 for baseball games.” This would be a decrease in attendance with a new stadium.

In 2012, the Yankees AAA club in Scranton, Pa., made $40 million in ball park improvements. Because of weather and of time needed for the work, the ball club played its entire home schedule on the road. The Boise Hawks could spend approximately $15 million, improve all areas of Memorial Stadium, and play their 38 home games in Yakima, Walla Walla, etc. Boise would end up with an outstanding ball park and save a lot of money.

Mal Fichman, Boise