Letters to the Editor

Blaser letter: Downtown stadium

Sports park foes are suffering from NIMBYism.

The City of Boise has long sought to build a sports venue in its downtown. The first media reports on such a project emerged six years ago. What’s new about the proposal now on the table is the very real prospect of bringing professional soccer to town and wrapping the stadium in $60 million in private investment.

This development, with residential, retail and office space, would help reinvigorate a part of downtown that anyone driving by can easily see is not keeping pace with the rest of downtown.

What isn’t new are the all-too-familiar symptoms of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) syndrome. And what isn’t being reported is that the so-called Concerned Boise Taxpayers are created and funded by a few wealthy Central Rim residents who don’t want a sports park in plain sight. They’ve hired a lobbyist to turn up the volume on their fear-mongering and misleading arguments.

Keep this in mind the next time you hear these opponents share their “concerns” about the sports park proposal.

Scott Blaser, Meridian