Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: Idaho voter records

As an Idaho voter, I feel betrayed by our Secretary of State, who blatantly lied about what information he sent. I worked for many years as a precinct judge and the people I knew worked very hard to follow the law. There are many safeguards to prevent this imagined voter fraud. When a person fills out a registration form it states that a person can be jailed and/or fined if they intentionally commit fraud. A non-U.S. citizen is not allowed to vote, period. Voters trust their information will not be handled nefariously. I am more adamant than ever to make sure I do not miss voting in any election.

Voters, demand your voting information be protected. If voters quit registering because of information compromise, then our democracy is at risk. Stand up for your right to vote. Before every election, check to make sure you are registered. Voters have come in and insisted they were registered, but forgot to complete part of registration, then they must re-register. I vote, because it is the very least I can do in support of the many veterans who have fought for our democracy. Every election affects decisions that affect all of us.

Margaret Anderson, Boise