Letters to the Editor

Bejsovec letter: F-35s

Donald Trump (for a change) is right. Terrorists who kill Americans should be publicly executed against the Presidio wall. Holding a USAF Expert Marksmanship Medal, I volunteer to be part of the rifle team, and act without remuneration.

Ordinarily the USAF doesn’t give its newest weaponry to the National Guard. Unless the weaponry, like the F-35, lacks a mission, and the question is: what does the F-35 do? It’s too fast for ground troop support and lacks a gun (A-10). It is too small to carry the munitions for wiping out a rail yard, harbor, factory complex (F-4, F-111, various Navy planes), and it’s too slow for air superiority (F-15, F-16). While on the topic of stealth; stealth is more than being invisible to radar. Airplanes attacking Hanoi at night and at low level thought they had it made, but the north had many ack-ack guns, and the ones without radar just aimed at the engine noise. The airline manufacturers have quieted their engines, and are powerful enough to lift tons without the use of after burners. The military could do the same, and build a real stealth airplane, and make the residents near Gowen Field happy.

Joe Bejsovec, Boise