Letters to the Editor

Berner letter: Raul Labrador

Rep. Raul Labrador sure didn’t miss his photo op during Veterans Day. Many of his constituents certainly wonder, however, just how committed to supporting military veterans he really is. As an example of his double talk, let me present this. As part of the Trump tax scam, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit would be eliminated. The credit is designed to encourage employers to hire more people from certain targeted groups — including unemployed and/or disabled veterans. According to Paralyzed Veterans of America, “nearly 300,000 veterans benefited from this tax credit between 2013 and 2015” alone. The Republican House, including Labrador, voted to send this bill to the floor on the eve of Veterans Day. I sent the congressman an email asking why he would support something like this. I’m still waiting for any response.

Al Berner, Boise