Letters to the Editor

Reed letter: Our country

Governing is too complicated. Let’s simplify. National parks cost too much to maintain. Sell them to the mineral and gas companies to raise precious revenue. Endangered species provide no economic benefit. Hunt them. Our churches and bikepaths and nightclubs are becoming unsafe. Issue tactical weapons to all young, white males. Women are being sexually harassed. Shame them. Health care is too expensive. Let the insurance companies determine rates and eligibility for consumers. They’re professionals. Economic activity it too sluggish. Reduce corporate and upper-income rates to near zero. They’re businessmen; surely they’ll know how to spend the extra capital. Americans are unpatriotic. Play the “Star-Spangled Banner” at every public event, and require people to stand at attention and salute. Our leaders are disrespected and unfairly criticized. Discredit all media and hold rallies where citizens can express their support of the beloved leader. People who look different are scary. Stop them and require proof of citizenship. People waste too much money on education. Defund colleges and universities. Scientists say spooky things. Ridicule them. Simplify.

Daniel Reed, Boise