Letters to the Editor

Klinger letter: Boise growth

It’ll be hard remaining “America’s most livable city” if we continue gulping bitter pills containing bad medicine.

Plans to erect a CVS Pharmacy at 17th and State streets are the wrong prescription for Boise’s North End and for Eagle-to-downtown commuters on this increasingly traffic-clogged artery.

The diagnosis that this busy area needs a fourth drug store, especially when empty pharmacy buildings are going begging for tenants farther out State Street, violates the Hippocratic oath: “First, do no harm.”

On Dec. 4, the learned medical specialists on our planning commission will endorse whether yet another scheme to chew into adjacent residential neighborhoods to displace existing tenants and historic homes really is good, long-term patient care for Boise.

Siting of a drug store seems a small affair. But it’s symptomatic of a larger systemic disease replicating itself in this city: whether we harness accelerating growth to help, rather than hurt, the average patient.

From a major hospital expansion that cuts deeply into the East End, the relentless Manhattanization of Boise’s downtown, boosting decibels above our Boise Bench neighbors with new fighter jets, or, now, the simple placement of a State Street drug store, Boise’s livability prognosis remains extremely guarded.

David Klinger, Boise