Letters to the Editor

Bertagnolli letter: Alturas school

We love Alturas International Academy Charter School. This is our second year with the school and we continue to see so much progress in our kids, the teachers, the administration and the school itself. Our 8-year-old daughter is always one of the oldest in her classes and with that she has been ready to learn at a higher-grade level. The structure of Alturas’ classrooms has been a huge benefit for her. She is technically a 2nd grader (by age) but her instructional level is 3rd grade. Had she been in a traditional classroom she would have been completely bored both last year and this year.

Alturas doesn’t limit kids by their age, they allow them to excel by placing them at their correct learning level. The school environment is more challenging and aggressive. We love the self-discipline and respect for self and others that is being taught. It is obvious they are working to build future leaders.

The structure of Alturas’ teaching model develops a love for learning and allows them to see great success in their learning that would be a benefit to many children and schools in our area.

Heather Bertagnolli, Idaho Falls