Letters to the Editor

Voloshen letter: Donald Trump

I was very disappointed that President Trump used the recent terrorist attack on NYC, the worst since 9/11, to divide the country, instead of bringing us together. He brought up immigration policies and called out Democrats. I, a longtime Democrat, was very impressed with President Bush’s handling of the aftermath of 9/11. His words and his actions brought the country together in our time of need. Trump called our justice system “a joke and the laughingstock of the world.”

He has once again proved that he is not the leader that this country needs. This country is good in rough times of coming together. We saw it after 9/11 and we’ve seen it after Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and the other terrible events that have happened in recent history. Trump tends to divide, rather than unite. He did it in Puerto Rico and he’s doing it now. I’ve written to Senators Risch and Crapo asking them to call him out for dividing our country. So far, they have not spoken out against Trump for his inappropriate words and actions. Some Republican senators have put country before party. Ours have not.

Michal Voloshen, Boise