Letters to the Editor

Slinger letter: Bergdahl

I am so pleased with the decision of Army Col. Jeffery Nance to sentence Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with a dishonorable discharge and no prison time. Though not acknowledged by the Army, Bergdahl had psychological issues in a short stint with the Coast Guard in 2006 and left with a “questionable discharge.”

The Army relaxed their standard in 2008 when Bergdahl enlisted. I assume they knew his history and yet he was enlisted. And his unit, probably not knowing his history, went looking for him when he left his post for unknown reasons. That’s what they were supposed to do.

I don’t underestimate the injuries both physical and psychological that others in his unit endured.

Bowe Berghdal should have never been enlisted by the Army and should have never been in Afghanistan. He survived, has pleaded guilty to his offenses, acknowledged and apologized to victims. His decisions and subsequent consequences will follow him for life. Let him help our country going forward based on what he endured in captivity. I hope he will.

Kathleen Slinger, Boise