Letters to the Editor

Sellers letter: Electoral College

The more I think about the outcome of the past election, the angrier I become. Why? Because my vote, along with those of the majority of American voters, didn’t count. “The Donald” didn’t win the election; he lost the popular vote by many thousands of votes. The Electoral College elected him. I know that this isn’t the first time that well-qualified candidates have lost because of the doings of the Electoral College, but it’s time for a change. It was enacted in 1787 and is no longer valid. I urge everyone to Google the Electoral College or go to the library and research it.

I’m 88 years old and I think of a reasonably sound mind and won’t be voting in too many more presidential elections, but I hope Congress will put this on the front burner during the next session or two and try to abolish the Electoral College. My husband and I are nonpartisan and vote for the person, not strictly for the party. If they show concern for the environment and education, they have our votes.

Sally Sellers, Boise