Letters to the Editor

Lodal letter: Exchange students

I have the privilege of being a volunteer for an international youth exchange program. Every November we interview young adults from across southern Idaho who are hoping to spend a year abroad on an educational/cultural exchange. During the past several years that I have been involved with this program and interview process, we have always had more applicants than we were able to send abroad in a given year. This year was different. We only had about two-thirds of the number of students as last year. During the extensive interview process, one of the areas that we discuss is the applicant’s knowledge of current political affairs. As an exchange student we are asking them to be an ambassador for their city, state and the USA. Most of the applicants that I interviewed grimaced when asked the question about how they thought the U.S. was viewed by other countries. I was left wondering how many bright, talented young adults passed up this wonderful opportunity to experience an exchange year abroad because they were embarrassed by the buffoon we have in the White House. Just saying ....

Pamela Lodal, Boise