Letters to the Editor

Faddis letter: Taxes

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four times, shame on me. The Republican tax proposal is pretty much the same as the one passed by Reagan and each of the Bushes. Each caused massive deficits. Most of the $20 trillion national debt is due to those tax reductions. The rich and businesses got big tax breaks each time and their increased wealth did not create jobs or stimulate the economy. Although I am sure that it will do no good, I encourage each Idaho Republican to contact the guys you sent to D.C. and tell them that you do not support their scheme.

As for fake news, there is plenty of it. Fox, Breitbart and Republicans in general are the major sources. It is well established that the more you watch Fox, the more misinformed you are. Breitbart doesn’t even pretend to be factual. I get a constant stream of messages full of lies, composed by unnamed Republicans and forwarded on the internet to gullible suckers.

Recently a satire website published an item stating that Hillary Clinton left the country prior to Mueller’s indictment announcement. At least three other sites republished it as fact.

Leo E. Faddis, Kuna