Letters to the Editor

Weatherhead letter: Meridian boondoggle

Meridian’s high density boondoggle.

There is a big, big mishap on Meridian’s 3rd Street. On the 300 block area, there is a large complex of six two-story fourplexs being built with four of them 75 percent built. The problem is there is only one entry and exit that is the width of an alley. Now the fire department says it cannot get a firetruck into the complex and maneuver around. The City Council has given their approval for this complex against an outpouring of local residents claiming not enough parking, no playground, little landscaping and on and on. The City Council headed by the mayor has ignored their pleas and given consent for the project. The project has stopped in the middle of the build. So who is going to take the blame? Our local TV stations need to take a look at this. I’m sure the builder and council want more land from unhappy residents. Bottom line is the City Council has to take responsibility. I’m thinking lawsuits are not far away. The problem as I see it, this City Council needs a mix of attitudes toward quality growth, not 100 percent the mayor’s way.

Don Weatherhead, Meridian