Letters to the Editor

Barayasarra letter: Terrorist attacks

Lately it seems the terrorists are using rental trucks as weapons, so the way I understand the Left we need to ban rental trucks and then we can sue Home Depot and anyone else for renting the trucks to terrorists. Everyone should know that terrorists didn’t come to this country to hurt anyone and are not responsible for their actions but that nasty assault truck made him do it. Who needs a truck that big anyway? Hmmm, I wonder if it was a white truck? Maybe it had a rebel flag somewhere on it too. Was it a standard or automatic transmission? Wow, what a bad truck. Maybe we can sue the automaker. Why not sue the employees who made it too? I am sure the truck ran on fossil fuel so let’s sue the oil company too. What a cash cow for the leftist lawyers and politicians. Let’s sit back and watch the leftist start calling for assault truck control and hopefully the NTA (National Truck Association) will fight them every step of the way. Don’t you miss the days when people and not objects were held responsible for their actions? Hope this letter didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Michael L. Barayasarra, Meridian