Letters to the Editor

Jensen letter: Sen. Jim Risch

Sen. Risch expressed how “very painful” it was to see Sen. Flake publicly air his concern about a “flagrant disregard of truth and decency.” (Biggest problem with Senator’s…, State Politics, Oct. 25). I can sympathize.

I found it “very painful” to watch the linked Situation Room segment as Sen. Risch publicly reminded Wolf Blitzer, and the rest of mainstream media, of their proper role as scapegoats. Unlike our nation’s lawmakers, the media has no power to actually stop a lie — they can only bring it to light, where it can be repurposed as “fake news.”

Obviously, when the Commander-In-Chief has worked so diligently to weaponize misinformation, the good GOP-soldier’s duty is to obfuscate the tactical lie. And, as Sen. Risch remonstrated when Blitzer asked him “When he lies about something and you know it’s a lie, shouldn’t you speak up?,” the most politically-expedient way to camouflage such a lie is to dress it up as a “dispute” or as a “disagreement.”

If our lawmakers weren’t so busy constantly juggling so many falsehoods, they’d have more time to M.A.G.A. In fact, until certain lies were allowed to morph into insidious differences of opinions, there was no need to M.A.G.A. — it already was. So sad.

David Jensen, Boise