Letters to the Editor

Connealy letter: Tax bill

Proposed corporate tax relief — the biggest, most dishonest money grab since Reagan’s Trickle Down.

We have absolutely no guarantees that big corporations would create new jobs for humans (not robots) or even give raises to its ordinary workers. Yet, Republican policymakers continue the hype. Truth is, the proposed tax relief for corporations would go directly to only two places: 1. Corporate share buy-backs, and 2. Paycheck increases for upper management, period.

Remember, this proposed corporate windfall would be coming out of your (increased) tax dollars and mine. I am just an ordinary citizen in a middle class tax bracket who already pays more than my fair share in taxes. Why should I finance some CEO’s second or third vacation home, his private jet or a corporate get-away to some exotic location?

The Reagan Trickle Down did not work in the ’80s, and we would be fools to believe it would work today. It’s just another colossal ruse by greedy rich corporations and lobbied lawmakers who choose to sacrifice their ethics. “Gimme more, more, more (and I don’t care who I step on to get it).”

Louise Connealy, Boise