Letters to the Editor

Kurland letter: Gun control

To Mary Welty (Open carry, Oct. 22), would you please share your algorithm for determining exactly where/when violent crime or terror will occur? BTW, not being able to protect myself/my family makes me “nervous.” To Spencer Wood (Vegas shooting, Oct. 22), the gun confiscation you speak of is not “courageous,” it is the act of dictators. It was the first action taken after Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and North Korea’s Kim Il Sung seized power; they then proceeded to use their police and military to arrest and murder over 100 million of their own unarmed citizens in the 20th century. Couldn’t happen here in America? Need I remind you that the Frankfurt School Left — whose cadres dominate the Democrat party, academia and journalism — springs from the same ideological tree trunk that gave rise to the aforementioned national socialist and communist despots? The Founding Fathers wisely included the Second Amendment as a bulwark against government tyranny, and as history shows, it can arise anywhere. We already have a rule of law, based on the Constitution. It’s gotten us this far. Let’s not succumb to the knee jerk politics of those who would take advantage of a tragedy to further an agenda.

Brian Kurland, Meridian