Letters to the Editor

Tighe letter: F-35 mission

Gov. Butch Otter held an excellent teleconference recently, in which I learned 1. We will be losing the A-10 unit at Gowen Field, and it is possible we would not win the F-35, leaving us without a squadron at Gowen Field. 2. I asked and was told Gowen Field can handle more than one squadron, but at this time the Department of Defense is only allowing us one. Idaho needs to put ads in the Burlington, Vermont, papers asking people to petition their elected officials to send their unwanted 2019 F-35s to Boise, per Col. Rosanne Greco’s letter to our editor and the half page ad. How many cities out there want to give up their opportunities? We should capitalize on all of them. Go get ’em Butch.

Scott Tighe, Nampa