Letters to the Editor

DeKnikker letter: Health care

I will be age 85 in January. My insurance company quit this area. Upon finding a new company I was told I had to pay a penalty for not having prescription insurance. I was angry. I thought that I should be complimented for paying my own instead of being punished. I was ready to go to jail rather than pay the penalty. I wrote to many people for help and only two replied. One was Sen. Crapo, who called several places to be of help. I was appreciative of his help. I did find an insurance company, Mutual of Omaha, that does not require a penalty, for which I am thankful.

I am angry, too, that we taxpayers are footing the Congress people’s insurance and most of them don’t give a hoot about their constituents. I wish they would visit the real world of people struggling to make ends meet. Most of us are willing to earn our own way without government intrusion. Wish they would do their part by doing the job they were elected to do.

Marie I. DeKnikker, Cambridge