Letters to the Editor

Burbank letter: Donald Trump

Trump’s words and actions: I could shoot and kill a person and get away with it. POW John McCain is not a war hero. Brags “I just kiss them, grab them, can’t stop myself”; not locker room talk, conquest sharing. Demeans two Gold Star mothers sharing how hard it is for him not mentioning their loss and sadness. Refuses to honor or even acknowledge four Green Berets killed on his watch, taking no responsibility. Sees himself as better trained than most soldiers because of his military school training. Bullies anyone and everyone with his words and actions, even shoving aside a world leader to be in front, yet whines when others do it to him. He appears to live by the mantra: All my life I have counted on others being nicer than me and I have never been disappointed. Some ignore his character hoping to gain political ground, like those who support the bully at work or school so they are not the target of his hate. If you are one of those who does and believes in the Almighty, then may God help you.

Darrel Burbank, Boise