Letters to the Editor

Speer letter: Make voice heard

Political narcissism and reckless governance are at last under attack by past presidents and a few daring political leaders. Exclusion, falsehoods and hatred have no place in our democracy. We, as citizens of this great country, must call out objectionable behavior when we see it. No less should be expected of our elected officials regardless of their political agendas. Democracy is a fragile ideal and we as its stewards must be committed to its protection. Regardless of our stance in the political spectrum, we are Americans all and the fabric of this country. Those of us who are inclined to silence must break that silence and remind our fellow citizens and our elected officials to uphold the standards for which this country stands. Through a collective voice, with decorum and thoughtful dialogue, we are obligated to call out irresponsible behavior. If you are concerned, as am I, with the discourse taking place in this present political spectacle, then speak out, write to your elected officials, offer thoughtful guidance, remove yourself from the shadows of “the silent majority” and make your voice heard.

Stephan Speer, Coeur d’Alene