Letters to the Editor

DiLorenzo letter: BSU revenue

In the Statesman (Sunday, Oct. 29) I read about BSU Athletic Department’s concern about the lack of revenue. Athletic Director Curt Aspey is concerned that attendance is decreasing. He states that late-night games are the problem. He is so naive. The main reason for the decrease in overall attendance is the price of tickets and membership in booster organizations. A couple or a family cannot afford to purchase tickets, pay for parking, and have any refreshments in the facility. The quality of the program has to stay at the highest level for the average fan to want to pay the price. Secondly, the statement that school is planning to build a a new stadium is ridiculous. Where is the revenue coming from to support this? Sharing a community stadium with baseball and soccer programs makes more sense. The Board of Regents must demand fiscal responsibility of BSU Athletics.

Fred DiLorenzo, Boise