Letters to the Editor

Schmelzenbach letter: GOP tax cuts

If the Republican Party puts through tax cuts for big corporations, I will never again vote for any Republican congressman who is now in office. Trump, himself, stands to gain a great deal of money. What about corporations’ money in overseas accounts? We are giving them a tax break so that the economy will grow as they provide more jobs. Yes, it might provide more jobs ... but will they be good-paying jobs? Their track record is to send those jobs overseas so they can make more money for the corporation. The “Trickle Down” theory is a joke. It’s never worked before because people in power are greedy. Why would it work now?

Lowering high-income individuals’ and corporations’ taxes will increase the deficit and is not pro-growth. Why should we lower those taxes when corporations use their lawyers to avoid paying the rate they presently have? The salaries of highly paid executives are written off as business expense for the corporation. So why should the executives pay less taxes? Lowering those taxes is not pro-growth, it is pro-profit.

Donna Schmelzenbach, Nampa