Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Sen. Risch

As one of Sen. Jim Risch’s constituents, I was hoping he had read the commentary by Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, reprinted in the Oct. 26 Idaho Statesman. I know how he feels about these public opinions from Sen. Flake and others, since Risch’s interview on this subject (also in the same Statesman edition) said it so Republicanly — these opinions need to be dealt with “privately” in the Senate. I would like to take this opportunity to dare Sen. Risch to read Sen. Flake’s commentary one more time. As I truly believe Risch will not do this, or pay any attention to me, his constituent, I feel my next move is to put it into language he can understand ... I double-dog-dare him to reread the commentary. Knowing that Risch has already dismissed my ramblings, it’s time for him to get back on his high horse and ride into the sunset. Do you need a step-ladder, Sen. Risch?

Richard Smith, Boise