Letters to the Editor

Layne letter: Bieter’s legacy

Politicians come and go but they all have one common thread, gotta leave a legacy.

I was living and working in the Boise area when the mall became the buzzword. We need a mall, gotta have a mall.

An ideal location would have been Locust Grove off the freeway, but the mayor and council in Boise were adamantly opposed. No mall could be in an area that they couldn’t own or annex. And so it was, we ended up with a mall where “a train runs through it.” In their haste they forgot to require land to be set aside for emergency services, i.e. fire and EMS quarters, thus the fire station on Franklin Road was later built, at taxpayer expense, of course.

Fast forward now the baseball stadium. Does the Bieter legacy come to mind? Hmmm. There is already a ballpark but it’s in Garden City not in Boise. Can it pay its own way? Probably not, but the taxpayers can subsidize it, they got lots of money. And, one could almost visualize a trolley car just like Mayor Bieter wants going right up to it. Wow, what a legacy. I rest my case.

Don L. Layne, Cascade