Letters to the Editor

Graeff letter: Sen. Jim Risch

I was disheartened to read Senator Jim Risch’s reaction to the “call to arms” issued by Senate colleagues McCain, Corker, and Flake. “… you’d hope they could get it back to a situation where they could sit down and resolve those issues between themselves,” he said, implying that his colleagues were publicly airing out personal tiffs with the president. One problem with the good senator’s reaction: They were bringing a clear and present danger to our republic to the attention of its citizens. No personal tiffs.

Senator Risch is an intelligent man, and I doubt that he misunderstands the concerns of his colleagues. He has simply chosen to intentionally obfuscate the discussion. Just as President Trump is plumbing the depths of human indecency with his behaviors, Senator Risch is plumbing the depths of condescension and arrogance with his.

It required American heroes to stand up to Joe McCarthy in the United States Senate and bring an end to the vile doctrine of McCarthyism. It will take heroes in the United States Senate to stand up to the equally vile doctrine of Trumpism. Senator Risch said, “I don’t want to get involved.”

Apparently he won’t be one of them.

Todd Graeff, Boise