Letters to the Editor

Giuntini letter: Doug Traubel

I read with great interest and amusement the satirical letter by Doug Traubel, “American culture,” published on Oct. 26th. His sarcastic attack on white supremacy, “… we can no longer defend tradition without being branded intolerant racists,” is a masterpiece of irony. By pretending to support it, he takes it down in a few words. Defend segregation — when those negroes knew their place, homosexuals stayed out of sight (in the closet) and women took their sexual harassment quietly, and defend long-refuted beliefs — the Earth is flat (careful at the edges), it is 6,000 years old (What do “scientists” know? They were not there.), and men rode dinosaurs to the office (they had bigger parking spaces, back then), to really show the bigotry and ignorance of a bygone era. One sentence in his letter is the pinnacle of his caustic parody: “The culture that built America walked to the back of the bus in a trance.” How well does he use non-existent discrimination against whites to make the point for equality, comparing it to a time when, because of skin color, some Americans were really forced, by law, to ride at the end of the bus. Pure sarcastic genius.

Guido Giuntini, Boise