Letters to the Editor

Elliott letter: Guns

Australia has had no mass killings since 1996 because of Australia’s tightening of gun control laws after a horrific mass shooting. Their National Firearms Agreement prohibits automatic and semiautomatic assault weapons and pump shotguns. Licensing rules have established a 28-day waiting period for gun purchase, a national gun registry has been created, and a buyback program was established that removed more than 20 percent of firearms. There are restrictions on the sale of ammunition. Between 1990 and 2010 murder and homicide rates have decreased by half.

Firearm sales only are done through licensed firearm dealers. “Genuine reason” for owning a firearm include reasons such as hunting, sport shooting and occupational requirements. “Personal protection” is not regarded as an allowable reason to own a firearm.

In order to have a firearm license, gun owners must take safety classes and prove by an inspection that their firearms are locked away safely in a steel safe and the ammunition is locked away in a separate storage area away from firearms.

Each and every step that Australia has done to protect the safety of its people is sane, reasonable and effective to keep its people safe. The United States should do the same for us.

Barbara Elliott, Boise